Listen to how Liz  went from barely walking to completing her best run yet at the 2016 Boston Marathon!

I came to Dr. Li after suffering a pretty severe lower back injury in late January that took me out of training for Boston for at least 6 weeks. He coached me through the healing process and provided recovery exercises for each stage that not only got me to the start line, but helped me finish Boston Strong and even re-qualify (which I would have NEVER thought was a possibility). Most importantly, he pushed me to never give up. Dr. Li’s scientific approach to his practice is also appealing to me. He’ll never suggest or ask you to do anything without sound reasoning to back up his methods.


Follow Kelly’s story of how she avoided hip surgery and returned to compete as a powerlifter in the squat and deadlift categories!

Good luck to our champion, Kelly, at the USA Powerlifting State Championships this weekend!//#MobilityPlus…

Posted by Mobility Plus Sports Rehab on Thursday, March 16, 2017

I’m a powerlifter and came to Dr. Li several months ago for some bad hip pain. I thought I was in the running for a replacement or worse. With the help of Dr. Li and his holistic whole-human approach, I am moving better than I ever have before. He’s been not only a chiropractor/physical therapist to me, but a sanity check to my training and a supportive encouraging presence. He has changed the way I train forever (for the better of course).


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