Treatment Approach

Mobility Plus Sports Rehab takes a unique view of chiropractic care and what it can do for you. Being active and fit is about being functional. It’s about being able to twist, turn, bend, squat and jump. Why? Because in order to enhance your performance, in both your athletic and day-to-day life, you have to master the fundamentals of human movement.

We are unique in the way we seek to bridge the gap between chiropractic treatment, physical rehabilitation and sports performance training.

At Mobility Plus, we specialize in the conservative treatment of common neuromusculoskeletal complaints, such as low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, neck pain, headaches, etc. The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek words “praxis,” meaning “to use,” and “chiro,” meaning “hand.” However, what most people think of when they hear the term “Chiropractic clinic” is very far from what you experience at Mobility Plus. We do not have one large open room with several beds for adjustments. At Mobility Plus, you enter an inviting space with a few key components: a treatment table, exercise equipment, Dr. Michael Li’s diagnostic skills, and his hands. Dr Li spends the full hour or half-hour appointment with each patient, going over their needs for that visit, and each patient is viewed and evaluated in a holistic way.

Our Treatment Approach: A Movement-Based Analysis

Because the area where you feel the pain is not always the source of the problem, Dr. Michael Li focuses on analyzing your movement in order to find the real culprit. It is not uncommon to find the true source of a patient’s back pain in an ankle, knee, or hip that is not moving correctly. Maybe there was a previous injury or surgery that left the area weak or less mobile, and the change in movement resulted in injury-causing compensations elsewhere.

Treatment consists of a wide range of manual techniques designed to improve the function of the particular region, relieve pain and put an end to muscle spasms. The actual physical execution of Chiropractic treatment involves adjusting the body’s joints and soft tissues by hand. Whilst Chiropractic adjustment is generally thought of as only being applied to the spine, Dr. Li is also highly trained in applying similar manipulation and myofascial techniques to any extremities that feel sore, tense or painful. Our end goal is to have our patient’s be able to live pain-free, move well, and maintain functionality for a lifetime.

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