Functional Rehabilitation

Functional Rehabilitation

Restoring your life back to normal following an injury, surgery, or a painful condition requires a thorough examination, proper diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, balanced nutrition, rest, and a specific rehabilitative exercise program.

Correcting any major muscle imbalances before beginning your rehabilitative exercise program is vital. Muscle imbalances prevent your joints from aligning and functioning properly. Poor joint function will disrupt your ability to move — putting you at greater risk for injury, chronic muscle pain, and joint pain. That’s why Dr. Li first looks at how your body functions as a whole before prescribing rehabilitation exercises. Movement is a coordinated effort involving your brain, spinal cord, and muscles. Dr. Li assesses your movement and any muscle imbalances using the Functional Performance Exam.

The Functional Performance Exam pinpoints your body’s weak links, such as poor posture, lack of flexibility, joint dysfunction, decreased strength, endurance, stability, balance, or faulty movement patterns. Based on the examination’s findings, Dr. Li designs a corrective exercise routine tailored to your exact needs. And once your body is balanced, and more stable, a total fitness program can be designed to keep you performing properly.

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