F5 Wellness Talk: Office Ergonomics with Dr. Li & Dr. Ashley

  • October 11, 2019

Recently Mobility Plus teamed up with F5 in Downtown Seattle to present an interactive lunch and learn to about 40 people. This lunch and learn was structured around providing local “tech” Seattle-lites with movement tips that address the most common aches and pains one experiences in the office.

The talk highlighted:

  • Common causes of “office syndrome”
  • The myth of common ergonomic corrections
  • Demonstration of some common “movement faults” at the office
  • Easy to do changes at your desk
  • Movement tips to get you to move and feel better at your desk


The interactive portion of the talk got folks out of their seats as Dr. Li & Dr. Ashley demonstrated self-tests that anyone can do to help get a baseline idea of where their pain could be coming from. These self-tests included neck active range of motion (AROM) and low back AROM. Check out the YouTube videos below on how you can also perform these same self-tests for yourself.


And if you’ve worked with us, you know that no self-test goes without an exercise to help correct your movement faults. So, Dr. Li and Dr. Ashley followed up with showing people how to address those movement faults with simple exercises that can be performed at your desk, but also literally anywhere else! We have also linked those movement correction videos below, so make sure to check those out after you watch the self-test videos.


At Mobility Plus we strive to empower our patients, and everyone around us, to independently build their durability because the best rehab is the kind that helps you get back to being you while showing you what you can do for yourself in the process. There is no better feeling than when patients tell us that they achieved far more than they thought they could.

If you are interested in Mobility Plus Sports Rehab presenting a wellness talk similar to the one above or on any other topic, please reach out to us!

We are dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in the Greater Seattle area, and as we say it in our clinic, to move better to feel better.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with aches and pains in the office, contact us and soon you’ll be back to moving better and feeling better.

Curious how Mobility Plus can present a wellness talk similar to the one above or on any other topic in your office? Call us at (206) 441-2505 or email us at info@mobilityplussportsrehab.com!

Post written by Dr. Ashley Agcaoili, DC, MS. Check out her bio here.

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