Clinical Companion to with Phillip Snell

DATES: April 28, 2018 – April 29, 2018

LOCATION: SISU Strength House
315 1st Ave N #112, Seattle, Washington 98109

INSTRUCTORS: Dr. Phillip Snell, DC

COST: Clinicians: $595; Students: $295    CEUs: 12 

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Learn to integrate the current evidence and cutting edge functional rehab exercise methods in management of lumbar disc injury.

(This course is for licensed physical therapists, chiropractors, medical doctors, naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths, etc. Personal trainers and bodyworkers may attend only with waiver obtained directly from Dr. Snell)

1. Recognize the effectiveness of exercise interventions in managing this serious and common type of spine presentation.
2. Learn to integrate current pain neuroscience into management of chronic back pain.
3. Recognizing the continuum of flexion related structural injury.
4. Differentiating the injured disc vs. other commonly presenting back injuries.
5. Developing familiarity with specific exercise interventions to manage pain.
6. Train hip dissociation by improving spine stabilization using Prague School and U of Waterloo derived principles.
7. Integrate Joint by Joint Approach to spare the spine by improving mobility in the hip and T-sp.
8. Safe ways to build strength in the recovering flexion-injured spine.
9. How to build agility in the injured spine to avoid re-injury with rapid movements.
10. When to add power exercise into the rehab programs.
11. Sport specific considerations in rehab of the flexion-intolerant back.
12. Histochemical associations between painful vs. non-painful herniated discs.


Dr. Phillip Snell, DC has helped educate clinicians, sports performance specialists, trainers, and everyday people all over the world in the details of how to quickly and effectively manage flexion intolerant low back pain. Combining the best current evidence in the realms of pain neuroscience education, modern rehabilitation and athletic development strategies, he has developed a program which is unmatched in the clinical education plus self-management of low back pain, specifically disc injuries.

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