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It’s March Madness

  • March 4, 2019

For all you basketball fans… we see you, we ARE you!

If you are creating brackets, you know that it’s anybody’s game during March.

Heck, it’s been anybody’s game this entire season!

The struggle is REAL.

While trying to keep up with so many teams and so many games at once, your body shouldn’t suffer the consequences.

Some of you truly committed fans out there are watching games from your computer or phone at work, while others of you are waiting to get into standing-room-only bars to watch your team attempt to move to the Sweet Sixteen or Final Four.

So, your Mobility Plus team is challenging YOU this March Madness to get a little creative with your brackets…

Depending on which teams you’ve selected to move on in your brackets, we challenge you to do an exercise for each team you pick that ends up busting your bracket.

We have provided a list of exercises (in no particular order) that you can do, including reps.

Assign an exercise of your choice to each team that loses in your bracket and do that exercise, or exercise(s) during your next workout. 

Feel free to try all of them, or repeat a few! Either way, just keep moving!


  1. Take 1 workout class offered at your gym
  2. 10 “made” free-throws
  3. 5 treadmill sprints. Your sprint speed should be at least 3 mph above your normal running pace on the treadmill.
  4. Landmine press (10 reps on each arm)
  5. Farmer’s carry (15 ft down and back)
  6. Offset farmer’s carry (15 ft down and back)
  7. Bulgarian split squat (10 reps on each leg)
  8. Goblet squat (10 reps)
  9. Versa climber (try to go for 3 rounds of 1 minute each)
  10. Jumping jacks (100)
  11. Skip rope (100 reps)
  12. Single leg kettle bell dead lift
    1. Same side (10 on each leg) OR
    2. Cross body (10 on each leg)
  13. Kettle bell swing (10 swings)
  14. Bicep and triceps curls (10 of either using the cable machine or dumbbells)
  15. Palloff press (10 reps in each direction)
  16. Bent over row dumbbell (10 reps)
  17. Reverse lunges (10 reps on each leg)
  18. Renegade row (10 rows on each arm)
  19. Planks (front, side, side) – try to go for 3 rounds of 30 second holds
  20. Pull ups (10 reps)

Good luck and until next time, keep moving!

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