Nerve Impingement

Nerve impingement or a “pinched nerve” occurs where there is too much pressure applied to a nerve by surrounding tissues such as bone, tendon, cartilage, or muscles.

About Nerve Impingement // Pinched Nerves

Nerves can be impinged at a number of sites throughout the body.

For example, a bulged disc in your lumbar spine can put pressure on a nerve root, creating radiating pain down the back of your leg.

In the same way, a bulged disc at the cervical spine can create the same type of pain down the arm.

Pinched nerves can be caused by a number of things, some conditions including:

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    Prolonged positions (ie poor posture when sitting at your desk)
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Some common signs and symptoms to keep in mind if you think you are dealing with a pinched nerve include:

  • Numbness
  • Decreased sensation
  • Sharp, aching, or burning pain (which may or not radiate)
  • Tingling (pins and needles)
  • Tingling (pins and needles)

If a nerve is pinched for only a short amount of time, there is no risk for permanent damage. Remember back to a time when you felt your arm or leg “fall asleep” on you. You probably felt a degree of numbness, tingling, or even weakness. As long as the pressure is relieved, nerve function returns to normal. However, if the pressure remains, chronic pain and nerve damage can ensue in the form of permanent sensation loss, loss of reflexes, and/or loss of muscle strength/tone.

At Mobility Plus, we believe in the saying, “no nerve, no pain.” Neurogenic disorders are common, and their incidence is probably underestimated. That said, nerve disorders and other problems that stem from that are some of the most common injuries and conditions we see in our office.

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