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Shoulder Reach Up Part 1: Slumped Posture Hurts More Than Your Back

  • August 20, 2018

Most shoulders pain don’t come on suddenly, although most of them seems to start that way.

The problem always starts way before you notice the actual pain. 

If you are not experiencing shoulder pain now, but that shoulder just feels stiff, read on.

If you are in pain already, this is a MUST-READ for you!

As we sit or stand in front of the computer all the time, it really locks up our upper back.

Slumped posture can pull your shoulder forward, and limit your shoulder mobility. That’s how a lot of shoulder impingement start!

So give this exercise a try and see how it can help freeing up that shoulder.

What do you think? Did this work for you?  We want to hear from you!

Let's Move Better, Feel Better.

Dr. Li

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