The Mobility Plus Difference

From humble beginnings, Mobility Plus Downtown Seattle Chiropractic Care has become a leader in the Seattle area. We take great pride in helping active people, like you, overcome pain and getting back to living life to the fullest!

Introducing a Chiropractic Clinic located conveniently in Downtown Seattle right next to the Amazon Biospheres PERFECT for people who DON’T like relying on medications & who prefer NATURAL healing solutions to END pain and restriction, so they can keep active & live their lives to the fullest!

Most People Ask Our Clients “What’s So Special About Mobility Plus Sports Rehab…?"

Whether you’ve come looking for Mobility Plus Downtown Seattle Chiropractic Care because you have been let down by previous pain relief ‘experts’, you want more than just the “rest and painkillers” option that is commonly advised by many providers, or you’re VERY health conscious and already know that Chiropractic Rehabilitation IS your BEST option, you’re now on your way to ENJOYING the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have seen great improvements in their ability to keep ACTIVE and had a sense of relief as their pain levels drop much faster than they ever thought possible.

Speak to our patients and you will hear things like:

Why they have regularly achieved almost instant RELIEF… all because they’ve found a Chiropractor that uses the perfect combination of “hands-on” style treatment and active functional rehabilitation, which really does make a difference FAST…

Why they quickly found out they weren’t on their own when they had been given “poor” advice to REST or “just do some exercises” by their other provider…

The smiling faces that await them in the office and create an EXPERIENCE unrivaled anywhere else, which makes clients “SAD” to say “good bye” when their pain is gone and treatment has ended…

The amazing CULTURE that exists within Mobility Plus Sports Rehab…

Why they too were “skeptical” about starting Chiropractic care - largely because of they thought that ‘no-one could help them’ and how, without our option to TALK TO A DOC ON THE PHONE FIRST, they would never have made it through the front door in the first place (…and would still be suffering now)

Why no-one ever leaves our clinics un-happy and how it’s all to do with what is “SAID” (and offered), as much as what we do…

Because we truly want you to make the BEST most well EDUCATED decision about Chiropractic, without feeling rushed or pressured into booking an appointment, we've put together a Complimentary SPECIAL REPORT, and it’s yours free..

It’s written exclusively for clients like you, and has been 10+ years in the making. We’ve done it by compiling all of the questions we’ve been asked about Chiropractic by previous clients, who were once just like you… struggling to enjoy their health and considering trying Chiropractic to ease their pain and stiffness, but just wanted to know a bit more about it first, before making a decision to go and see a doctor.

The report is designed to help YOU make the BEST decision. The one that ensures you find a Chiropractor that you can trust.

You can get your Complimentary Special Report, to help you make the best, most well educated decision, when you click below:

The 51 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic All Answered Honestly...


Mobility Plus Sports Rehab is the place that active people come to when they have tried everything else and are tired of letting pain or discomfort stop them from doing what they love. Led by founder, Dr. Michael Li, we are a group of people dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and providing you with long term solutions to whatever physical obstacle is in your way.

In order to provide the most effective and up to date treatments available, we believe in the mantra of ALWAYS LEARNING. We not only believe in constant learning, but we are COMMITTED. Which is why we also a leader in providing continuing education courses to the clinical community of the Pacific Northwest.

Our clinic's growth is a direct result of the many referrals we receive from happy patients who have achieved successful outcomes which they could not get elsewhere. Our patient's continue to come back to us because they know they will be receive the best care available at Mobility Plus Sports Rehab.


We give active men and women in Seattle and beyond the BEST help and advice to keep them PAIN FREE, ACTIVE and always “LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST” so that they can ENJOY great HEALTH, for many years to come.

People who come to us include:

  • Health Conscious Ladies and Mothers: Who want to LOOK and FEEL healthier, and be able to run around after children all day, which is easier to achieve in the ABSENCE of pain and stiffness…
  • Busy Gentlemen and Dads: Who know that living with pain isn’t good for them, and want more energy for work AND play…
  • Sensible Men And Women: Who know that painkillers often advised by other medical professionals are NOT the best answer, who feel let down and who WANT BETTER for themselves than just a few sheets of generic exercises.
  • Extra Active Grandparents: Who know that playing with grandchildren is much EASIER and more ENJOYABLE if they’re in LESS pain and FREE from the shackles placed upon them by STIFFNESS…
  • Concerned Men and Women over 50: Who know that it’s much easier to fend of “deadly” threats like Arthritis, Heart Disease, Stroke and Rheumatic Joint Pain…if they can keep ACTIVE, mobile and are able to exercise for as long as possible…
  • Frustrated Family Members: Who’ve tried all the pills and exercises but NOT found relief and are starting to believe surgery is the only option.
  • “Athletes and Weekend Warriors”: Who want to be FIT and READY for their next round of golf, a nice run after work, or a long cycle with friends on the weekend…

DO YOU NEED help now?

Claim one of our FREE special tips reports and follow the advice inside to start making progress right away!

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