Travel Pain-Free with Dr. Li | FINAL Part

  • December 21, 2018

Hello! This is Dr. Michael Li from Mobility Plus.  

Today weโ€™re going to talk about how to move larger luggage off the airport conveyor belt.

Last time we talked about using the hips only --same theory today, but this time since the luggage is going to be so much bigger, itโ€™s okay to round your back. 

But guess what?

When you round your back, keep it that way.

I want you to get the luggage close to you, keep the back round, but then youโ€™re just going to pivot and put it down.

That way youโ€™re not really hinging the low back and youโ€™re still putting all the stress on the hip.

Again, for some of you who donโ€™t have problems with the low back while traveling, hey, do whatever you want to do. But if your back does hurt after traveling, especially when picking up luggage, try to do this.

Alright, this is Dr. Michael Li from Mobility Plus here to help you move better to feel better, so you can travel better!

See you next time!

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